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Biox Measurement Systems

Established as London South Bank University's first externally-funded spin-out company in 2000, Biox Systems Ltd is a pioneering developer and manufacturer of research-grade scientific instruments. Customers worldwide are using patented Biox technology to provide faster & more accurate characterisations of bio-tissues such as skin, hair & nails, and their interactions with cosmetic, pharmaceutical & medical products. Our products, the AquaFlux evaporimeter and the Epsilon contact imaging system measure quantities such as TEWL, SSWL, hydration, perspiration, membrane integrity, wrinkles & skin topology (micro-relief).

AquaFlux Model AF200 Evaporimeter

The AquaFlux is the top-performing evaporimeter for Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). More ...

AquaFlux AF200    
Fast, non-stop TEWL measurement
Best accuracy, sensitivity, repeatability
Any site, any angle, anywhere
Versatile: in-vivo, in-vitro, skin, scalp, lips, nail, ...
Membrane integrity & 3D skin culture testing
Traceable calibration, independently verified
Free software updates
Compatible with Windows 7/8/10

Epsilon Model E100 Contact Imaging System

The Epsilon is a contact imaging system that responds to capacitance. Its proprietary  technology maps the sensor's non-linear response onto a linear scale for the capacitance range from air to water. Its calibration ensures that every pixel in the image provides a reproducible  measurement  that can be interpreted in terms of hydration. More ...

Epsilon E100    
Capacitance measurement principle
Linear & calibrated response
In-vivo & in-vitro, static & dynamic measurements
Hydration measurement on skin, hair, ...
Micro-relief characterisation
50µm image resolution, ~5µm depth resolution
Sensing area 12.8 x 15mm
Free software updates
Compatible with Windows 7/8/10

Pixience C-Cube Dermoscope

The C-Cube Dermoscope from Pixience SA, France, is the fastest way of analysing the skin. Its unprecendented metric and colour standardisation of images allows you to asess more than 20 useful criteria from a single image. Biox is the exclusive distributor of this system in the UK and Irish Republic. More ...

C-Cube Dermoscope Ultra-high definition 3664x2748 pixel images
Glare-free images, 50x magnification
Automatic camera settings for reliable measurements
Analysis of skin micro-relief & texture via 3D reconstruction
Analysis of pores, seborrhea, redness & vascularisation
Analysis of pigmentation, age spots, & make-up
Analysis of dryness & desquamation
Software with protocol management for clinical research
Expert image analyses via Cloud
In-vitro accesories for liquids, powders, creams, etc
Compatible with Windows 7/8/10
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