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AquaFlux Answer 11

Why does the AquaFlux cost more than other TEWL instruments ?

The sophisticated condenser-chamber technology of the AquaFlux costs more to manufacture than other TEWL instruments. However, the AquaFlux offers low cost of ownership through:-

1.   An industry-best 3-year parts & labour warranty, extendable to 5 years.

2.   No need for factory recalibration, because calibration hardware and software are included as standard.

3.   Automatic recording of ambient humidity & temperature with every measurement is included as standard.

4.   Free software updates.

In addition, the AquaFlux technology delivers unrivalled performance that translates into reduced costs through:-

1.   Improvised Surroundings. The AquaFlux works in improvised surroundings, without the sophisticated ambient climate and air flow control systems needed for open-chamber measurements.

2.   Accuracy & Repeatability. The AquaFlux delivers more accurate and more repeatable results than any other TEWL instrument. This means you get statistically significant results with fewer repeat-measurements and fewer panellists.

3.   Measurement Throughput. The AquaFlux matches the throughput of other instruments because there is no waiting time between measurements. This, combined with the greater repeatability and the need for fewer repeat-measurements, means the job gets done in less time than with other instruments.

4.   Quality Control. The AquaFlux software provides unique tools for identifying invalid measurements, both in real-tme and with stored measurements. Invalid measurements (sweat-gland activity, inappropriate probe handling, etc) can then be repeated and/or removed from subsequent analyses.

5.   Surface Orientation. The AquaFlux can perform measurements on all surfaces, irrespective of their orientation. By contrast, open-chamber measurements are significantly disturbed if used on inclined surfaces. With open-chamber measurements, panellists would need to lie down for measurements on the face, for example.

6.   Contact Pressure. AquaFlux measurements are not affected by contact pressure. This contrasts with open-chamber instruments where elaborate procedures are needed to ensure consistency of contact pressure between different operators.

7.   Hand Heat. Hand heat has no effect on AquaFlux measurements. This contrasts with other instruments, where insulating gloves are recommended to minimise this effect.

8.   Versatility. The AquaFlux is the most versatile system available, with options and accessories for in-vivo scalp (without shaving) nail and lip measurement, in-vitro and in-culture membrane integrity testing for membranes as small as 3mm diameter, water desorption dynamics from biomaterials including excised stratum corneum and hair, etc. Our latest addition is a powered mobile workstation for measurements in clinical settings.

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