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AquaFlux Questions

1. What is TEWL and how do you measure it ?

2. How do AquaFlux TEWL measurements compare with open-chamber measurements ?

3. How do AquaFlux TEWL measurements compare with Delfin VapoMeter measurements ?

4. What is the TEWL measurement speed of the AquaFlux ?

5. Are AquaFlux TEWL measurements affected by (a) probe angle, (b) contact pressure, (c) atmospheric pressure, (d) probe temperature, (e) skin cooling, or (f) skin drying ?

6. How often do you need to remove ice from the condenser ?

7. AquaFlux calibration - why, how often, by whom & how ?

8. What is the AquaFlux Passport Service and why do I need it ?

9. Are there any published Guidelines for TEWL measurement, and how do they apply to the AquaFlux ?

10. Why should TEWL measure skin barrier function ?

11. Why does the AquaFlux cost more than other TEWL instruments ?


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