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Epsilon FAQ Answer 1

What is contact imaging ?

Contact imaging is a method for acquiring an image by direct contact between the object of interest and the sensor(s). Of course, this is a very wide definition and includes ultrasonic imaging, atomic force microscopy, microradiography, etc.

Fingerprint Sensor The contact imaging device used in the Epsilon is a semiconductor fingerprint sensor. Its contact surface measures 12.8mm x 15mm and contains 76800 individual sensors, arranged in a rectangular array of 256 columns and 300 rows. These sensors respond to changes of capacitance and therefore to the dielectric permittivity (dielectric constant) of any electrically insulating materials that touch its surface. In terms of skin science, the capacitance response provides information about hydration, because water has an unusually high dielectric permittivity.

With contact imaging, there is no light, no optics, no focusing, no colours and no shadows. The "intensity" of the pixels is determined not by illumination, but by the property to which the sensor responds. The capacitance response of the Epsilon sensor provides a powerful means for studying skin hydration.

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