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Epsilon Answer 9

How does the Epsilon compare with the MoistureMap ?

Both the Epsilon and the MoistureMap (CK Technology sprl, Belgium) are contact imaging devices. Both the Epsilon and the MoistureMap use semiconductor fingerprint sensors. Both the Epsilon and the MoistureMap are based on L'Oréal SkinChip research, eg [1-2].

The big difference between the Epsilon and the MoistureMap is its linear and calibrated response. This uniquely enables the Epsilon to  make quantitative capacitance-related measurements such as skin or hair hydration. By contrast, CK recommend that the MoistureMap should be used for visualisation only and that a Corneometer® should be used alongside the MoistureMap for quantitative measurement.

As for the rest, see below.

Attribute Epsilon Model E100 MoistureMap Model MM 100
L'Oréal Patent Licence Yes Yes
Linear Response to Capacitance Yes No
Calibrated Response Yes No
Hydration Measurement Yes No (visualisation only)
Skin Micro-Relief Measurement Yes Yes
Fingerprint Sensor Fujitsu MFB200 Upek TCS1CT
Number of Pixels 256 x 300 = 76800 256 x 360 = 92160
Sensor Area 12.8mm x 15mm 12.8mm x 18mm
Pixel Spacing 50µm 50µm
Measurement Head Dimensions 27mm x 30mm 30mm x 43mm
Spring-loaded Sensor Yes Yes
Live streaming Yes Yes
Image Format Lossless TIFF Jpeg
Video Format Lossless AVI AVI
Video Analysis Hydration, Area None
Event Trigger Yes No
Footswitch Trigger Option Option
In-vitro Adaptor Yes Option
Interface USB2 Proprietary interface box
Power USB2 Separate 12V, 4A Supply
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year


[1]   JL Lévêque & B Querleux. SkinChip, a New Tool for Investigating the Skin Surface in-vivo. Skin Res Technol 9(4): 343-7, 2003.

[2]   E Xhauflaire-Uhoda & G Piérard. Skin Capacitance Imaging. Chapter 13, Handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology, 3rd Edition, 2009. ISBN 9781841847436.

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