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C-Cube Hardware Description

C-Cube The C-Cube is a digital dermoscope that is easy to use allowing you to capture images of skin lesions in Ultra High Definition. Utilizing a method of exclusively metric colour calibration, the C-Cube attains unrivaled image quality and precision.

High Definition Image
HD Image

At the height of technological advancement, the C-Cube dermoscope offers you an unheard of Ultra HD image (10 Megapixels). At this resolution you have the possibility of exploring the finest details of the skin like never before. Thanks to the Pixience factory settings, your images will have optimal clarity and sharpness.

Calibrated Colours
Colour Calibration

The C-Cube dermoscope is remarkable due to its colour calibration method, giving you unparalleled realism and reproducibility of images. It is the pioneer of equipment using technology ahead of its time. With more than 10 years of R&D, it gives you:

  Perfect replication of your colours.

  Consistency between images.

Standardization of your dermoscopic images opens up the possibility to calculations of criteria for characterization of your lesions.
Uniform Lighting without Glare
C-Cube Illumination

Completely exclusive and protected by a patent application, this technology is indispensable in capturing images without glare and with uniform lighting. In addition to visual comfort, this technology eliminates the need of a polarizing filter which degrades the colours of the lesion.

Ease of Use
       Ease of Use

Ergonomically designed, the Ultra HD C-Cube dermoscope will quickly become an indispensable tool for dermoscopic examinations. You will be happily surprised by its intuitive handling and simplicity. Calibrated in-house, the Ultra HD C-Cube dermoscope does not require any time-consuming adjustments. Use it in 3 easy steps:
A sure Connection
                            USB The USB connection simplifies the installation process of the Ultra HD C-Cube dermoscope. This standard connection guarantees a simple and secure connection. Install your dermoscope by connecting the USB to any port on your PC, tablet, or laptop.
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