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Epsilon Options

  Option E100-02: Epsilon with Laptop Data Station

The Epsilon can be supplied with a laptop computer, configured with pre-loaded and tested Epsilon software. Choose between a super-compact model and one with a comfortably large keyboard & display. By default, the laptop will have a UK keyboard and UK-English Windows operating system, but this can be varied at extra cost.

Note that the laptop computer is covered by its manufacturer's warranty, not the Biox warranty.

Option E100-03: Stand-alone Software Licence for Image Analysis

This option uses a USB software protection device (dongle) to activate the image analysis functions of the standard Epsilon software (from software Version 3 onwards) without the need for a connected instrument. The licence remains valid for all future versions of the standard Epsilon software. It also extends to the image analysis functions of all optional Epsilon software plug-ins that may be released from time to time.

  Option E100-04: Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty
The standard warranty cover for an AquaFlux Model AF200 instrument is 3 years (parts and labour). This can optionally be extend by 1 or 2 years of additional cover under the same terms as the standard waranty.

  Option E003-xx: On-site Training

  We offer on-site training to new users of the Epsilon. A typical training session takes half a day and follows a pattern of (i) PowerPoint presentation with live demo covering all aspects of Epsilon use and care, and (ii) hands-on familiarisation and (iii) software installation & testing on one or more customer PCs or laptops.

On-site training complements the Epsilon instruction material and helps you to get the best performance from your instrument. Training sessions can optionally be conducted in Chinese, English, French or German.

Another option is to arrange a training session at Biox premises next time you visit London.

  Option E004-01: Maintenance and Calibration Service


This service checks out every aspect of an instrument's condition and performance against the original specification. Minor problems are rectified and the instrument is re-calibrated. Use this service as preparation for major studies, especially if you need independent proof of functionality.

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